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Welcome Members

Welcome to the "Members" section of this website. Here is where you can learn more about going deeper into your spiritual journey along with others who make up the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship

You can find out about joining the UUCF, online or via mail, renew your membership, and make donations to support and sustain the work of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship. As members, you can connect with others in local groups, find out about what major events the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship is sponsoring, and connect with UUCF leaders to work together on our ministry teams.

The UUCF movement is supported by a non-profit religious organization whose members elect a Board of Directors to govern the organization. This is a working Board whose members also are part of leading various team ministries through the UUCF. We exist thanks to the support of people like you, people from all over the world, who are sharing with one another their walk with Jesus in freedom.

From the President

President, Dean Drake This is my last column as Christian Fellowship president: like all good things, this too must come to an end. It has been a great honor to serve the Fellowship as President for the last two years, and before then as board member. Serving the giving and caring members of our Fellowship over these years has been a pleasure.

The Fellowship has changed significantly since I joined in the early 1990’s. Then, it was primarily a New England organization that provided individual Christian Unitarian Universalists with print materials and sponsored extensive programming at General Assembly. Today, we are truly a national organization. Our headquarters are in Oklahoma and our board members come from around the U.S. We have an extensive presence on the web. Since 1999, we have been hosting creative worship experiences and great speakers at Revivals all around the country. Our mission field expanded beyond the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) into the greater Christian community. We have moved many of our print publications on-line and launched a new print version of the Good News.

Three years ago, when Reverend Kathleen Rolenz was president, the board held its triennial retreat in Cleveland. We had great ideas for the future of the Fellowship, but faced the sad reality that none of our dreams could be realized until we resolved many long-term organizational problems. Since then, the board has tackled many of our structural problems by balancing the budget, organizing the board into teams, holding on-line elections and focusing our energy on activities we can do well and that make a difference.

And while we have been repairing our institutional structure, we have become aware that the Fellowship’s identity is changing -- we are transitioning from being just another denominational organization into a religious community guided by the gospel of love preached by Jesus of Nazareth. The things that truly inspire us– Revival, worship at General Assembly, the spiritual focus of our website and Good News -- are religious rather than secular. In response to this awareness, we have are moving away from a dues based organization to a gift based one, and have launched an ambitious project to create and publish a liturgy book for Unitarian and Universalist Christian worship.

This October, the board will again meet in retreat, this time at the UUA in Boston. There, at the home of our faith, we will pray for the quiet voice of the Spirit to speak to each of us. We will collectively seek to understand how the Fellowship being is called to best serve God and humanity. And, God willing, we will return home with a clear vision of our future and a concrete plan for getting there.

Being a part of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship is a uniquely gratifying experience. My life has been transformed by exposure to the true message of Jesus, the chance to meet and know so many wonderful fellow Unitarian and Universalist Christians and the opportunity to help in a small way advance a cause that can make a great difference in our tattered world. For over 65 years, the Fellowship has kept the ministry of Jesus alive within the UUA. In the years ahead, we can extend this liberating ministry beyond our Association and into a world that still is longing to hear “not hell but hope.”