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A christmas appeal

Hello members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship...

The following story is a very personal one from our current president Dean Drake, and it is a very powerful story. And yet it is a testimony that will resonate with many; its echoes we have heard from so many of you as you have told your story of faith's journey.

Dean tells it this way:

"The year 1985 was a bleak time in my life, and my lack of belief provided little comfort. That year, on an impulse, I took communion at the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship worship service at General Assembly. The service was led that year by the Unitarian Bishop from Romania. It was my first communion since rejecting Christianity twenty years before.

That UUCF communion created a crack in my faithlessness, a crack that God would gradually use to enter my life. That communion transformed my life. And it was only possible because members supported the Christian Fellowship back then with their time and their money. Those people can be repaid for their gift to me in only one way: I can support the ministry of today's Christian Fellowship. Our contribution to the work of the Christian Fellowship this Christmastide end of the year season supports the UUCF's deep and varied outreach to souls in need, both within and beyond the Unitarian Universalist Association."

For others, the moments might have come from a UUCF Revival experience, or deepening insights from a work published by us in print or online, through the scriptures opening up for us as we learned from others in or through the UUCF. It could have been in conversation with just one other person in one of our forums or at one of our events. For others, it might not have been "a" moment, but a combination of many of these over time as we began to live transformed lives with new commitments all because we took those first tentative steps in freely following Jesus and seeking after what that might mean.


And for many, the connection with the UUCF may take on a completely different flavor. You may simply be engaged by the ideas encountered, by the exposure to how progressive Christianity continues to live and grow and change within our wider faith tradition and within the ecumenical world. We need you with us whether or not you are UU, or whether or not you are Christian. You may be thankful for the opportunities to learn from others, and to help others on their own sacred way. You may simply be glad we are here, keeping alive a rich heritage and helping it grow in new soil, especially as an alternative in a world that tries to make faith easy, to fit in neat boxes.


However the UUCF has been a part of your life, we hope you will take this opportunity at the end of year in our Christmas Appeal to help us be a part of the lives of others, and to deepen our ministries with you and those already walking with us. Please go to this link to make your donation.


We are especially pleased to announce that if your appeal donation and other donations throughout the year total to $500 or more we will send you a personally autographed for you copy of the book "Never Far From Home" by the Rev. Carl Scovel, minister emeritus of King's Chapel in Boston, recipient of the UUA Distinguished Service Award, and longtime leader in the UUCF.


We thank you for allowing us to be a part of how you are changing the world.


You will find our current fiscal year budget and comparison to last year's at this link. It shows that we have had to cut back on expenses this year in order to work toward a balanced budget without drawing more from our endowment than we think wise; this includes reducing the Executive Director back to quarter time and looking at as many ways as we can to keep expenses down through General Assembly and regular expenses. We plan for this to be a temporary move, but only your donation can make that happen.


We are in continuing transition toward becoming an organization that gives itself and its content away for free in a missional sense, relying on people to support us not for only what they physically get back from us in the mail, but for our very presence for others, and for our vision and community and events and message to the world. As we are doing this, we are finding that in this period of change our actual number of regular members has gone down, but that those who join us are doing so with higher commitment. And people may even donate to us through our appeals, or at other times, in appreciation of our mission and what we are producing, even though not officially as members. We need the support of all--seekers, members, friends, donors, leaders.


We are accomplishing our financial goal this year in terms of cutting expenses, but we are behind in membership dues and raising income. We are keeping in mind that we are making these cuts in order to help position us for a planned expansion into something akin to a Virtual Church, with many new ways for members to connect online, to learn together, and to worship together and to move much of our database online and to be interactive where you can track and update your own information and to help you organize. We are still working on adding an online interactive version of our theological publication, the UU Christian Journal while exploring how to retain it as print on demand. And we are pleased that more and more small groups of us are gathering. The UUCF Board will be holding a retreat in Boston next year to begin shaping this vision and making it real.


What is real right now is that all we do, and all we can envision, takes gifts of money to make happen. It is then a privilege to get to ask you to give a Christmas Appeal donation here at the end of the year. It is an honor to say thank you.


Blessings, Ron Robinson, Executive Director, UUCF

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