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...don't forget to pray.  Jesus said:. . . and pray for those who persecute you"  Prayer has helped me to see how I have been part of the dynamic.  Prayer has softened my heart towards those who were initially wary or even hostile to my Christian faith.  Prayer has helped me to understand and by so doing, in turn, have been understood.


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Please know that the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship is here to support and nurture your faith development.  I see the work of the UUCF as helping one another develop a deeper relationship with God and with Christ.

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Register Now For Revival 2009
Mar 26-29, Tulsa, OK
All Souls Unitarian Church
Don't Miss This Unique Spiritual Experience
We Need Your Presence

Go to www.uuchristian.org and find out the latest news about Revival, and also from our home page click on the link that takes you to the Revival website where you can register online. If you would like to register by postal mail you can do so printing out the Revival brochure from the website, or from one of our printed Revival 2009 brochures. If you don't have one and would like to receive one, or more to share, call the UUCF office at 918-794-4637 or email UUCFOffice@aol.com. Remember this is not just for UU Christians, or just for UUs, or just for Christians. We hope all will be enriched and transformed by the loving spirit bringing us together.
Consider these Highlights of Revival over and beyond meeting with others in the spirit of Jesus:

Bishop Carlton Pearson preaching and the New Dimensions Worship Ensemble singing during keynote worship. Bishop Pearson's faith story and journey has made global news as he has embraced Christian Universalism, and as he and many of his previous New Dimensions Church have joined All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa. He is now a frequent lecturer and preacher around the country.
Communion Service led by Rev. Lillie Mae Henley, of Universalist National Memorial Church, Washington, D.C. UNMC, site of the 2003 UUCF Revival, is the national cathedral church of the former Universalist Church of America that joined to form the present day UUA.
Prayer and Healing Service led by Rev. Jonalu Johnstone, of First Unitarian Church, Oklahoma City. This has become one of the most inspirational moments in Revival. Rev. Johnstone has previously served as new congregation minister in Wisconsin and as the Growth Consultant for the Southwestern Conference of the UUA.
Taize worship service, following the style of chanting and singing popularized by the ecumenical center in Taize, France founded by Brother Roger.

Opening Worship led by Rev. Gerald Davis, of Church of Restoration-UU, Tulsa, multi-racial congregation, and ministers of the other three Tulsa UU churches. Rev. Davis is a dynamic preacher who is also director of the Tulsa County Department of Human Services. His background is also in the United Church of Christ. Church of the Restoration is located in the center of the African American community in Tulsa and near the site of the historic 1921 Greenwood race-based massacre that devastated the once thriving "black wall street" of America.
Baptism Service, Saturday, 7 pm, led by UUCF President Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, West Shore UU Church, Cleveland, OH area. If you are interested in being baptized during Revival, there will be a special series of small group meetings, exploring the meaning of baptism and your personal faith journey, during the time of the small group sessions. These will be led by Rev. Rolenz.
Closing Worship service led by Rev. Tamara Lebak, All Souls Church, Tulsa and co-editor of "Reverend X" on emerging generations of UUs.
Closing Circle led by Rev. Suzanne Meyer, of the UU Church of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Dynamic, innovative worship music and hymn singing throughout the Revival, coordinated and presented by Rick Fortner of All Souls Church, Tulsa. Rick is not only a phenomenal jazz pianist but is a leading musician in the Tulsa area and will be bringing high quality music from musicians to each service.
Centering Prayer Session, led by Barbara Schneeberg, a facilitator with Contemplative Outreach. This will be an experience on the opening day of Revival as a kind of pre-Revival focus on Thursday afternoon. An opportunity for making the transition from our hectic lives and travels to Revival, and entering the spirit of Revival itself.
Panel Discussion on The Emerging Church, moderated by Rev. Susan Smith, district executive of the Southwestern Conference, along with Rev. Thom Belote of Shawnee Mission UU Church in Kansas, Rev. Ron Robinson, The Living Room Church, Turley, OK, and others.
Small Group sharing using small group exercises from the new UUA spirituality curricula "Spirit of Life," adapted for use by UU Christians by Rev. Melanie Morel-Ensminger of New Orleans, participants will be led to go deeper on their personal Christian journeys, gaining insights from their shared reflections and interactions.  Each session is designed to bring group members into deeper Christian community through understanding and personal sharing.

Session 1 -- Sharing Our Journeys: Group members will take some time to reflect on how they got to Revival, using exercises that employ art, poetry, and symbol.  After creating something tangible to symbolize their spiritual journey, participants will share with each other.

Session 2 -- Our Relationship to and with Prayer: Groups will reflect on various aspects of prayer (praise, gratitude, petition, reparation, acceptance) and what these have meant in their lives. A special exercise will lead participants to create their own personal prayer.

Session 3 -- Affirmations and Closing:
To end our intense time of sharing with each other, group members will create affirmations for fellow members, and participate in an exercise that brings our Small Group community to a fitting close.

We are seeking experienced small group leaders to lead our spiritual small groups at Revival.  Leaders should have experience with Small Group Ministry, Credo, or other spiritually-oriented small groups.  These selected will receive all session materials prior to Revival.  Please respond to melanie.morelensminger@gmail.com by March 1.
Workshops on Gnostic Christians, Walking the Labyrnth, "Saving Jesus: from Christian Right and Secular Left", Meditation and Stretching, Praying with Prayer Beads from many traditions, UU Christianity 101, and more to be announced soon on the website.
Catered Dinners and Lunches, and Programs and Hymn Singing at meals prepared by the All Souls Chef
Friday Afternoon Service Project at A Third Place Community Center in Turley, OK, just eight miles from All Souls in north Tulsa, and home of the UUCF, and viewing of historical documents and UUCF inventory
Free books, journals, newsletters, and other books for sale during Revival
Saturday night free to socialize and dinners and entertainment out.
Last, but certainly not least, the chance for many to see and witness the life of All Souls Church in Tulsa, with some 1700 members (www.allsoulschurch.org).

A chance to experience first-hand not only the spirit of Revival, but also the Tulsa churches have several ground-breaking initiatives: All Souls in Tulsa has transformed one of its worship services, the Sunday 11:30 a.m. one, and is making other innovative changes as it begins walking its path with Bishop Carlton Pearson and many members of his former church which has made national news for its embrace of universal salvation; Church of Restoration has been living for 20 years its multi-ethnic, multi-racial mission as a UU congregation in the historic black Greenwood district of Tulsa and creation of a Center for Racial Justice; The LivingRoom Church, an emerging church, has become a role model already in how to do missional, incarnational community church planting, and doing so in a multi-racial area that is the Tulsa zip code with the lowest income and lowest life expectancy; Hope Church in south Tulsa recently celebrated its 40th year and was part of the great outreach and expansion of that time that has made the Tulsa area benefit from such a strong UU presence.     
A thank you to Revival Team members: Dean Drake, chair; Rev. Felicia Urbanski, Rev. Suzanne Meyer, worship coordinator; Rev. Melanie Morel-Ensminger, small group coordinator; Rev. Kelly Murphy-Mason, workshop coordinator, and Kelly Ratliff, website coordinator.

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